Satire is a way of using irony that is direct and shows the flaws and mistakes of people's actions. It makes fun of people in a way so people know that it is annoying and needs change . It's a way to make fun of something and in hope of correct behavior.

In the essay "The the impotence of proofreading ". Taylor Mali is satirizing the difference between proofreading and using spelling check. The author is hoping that people look at their work more carefully instead of relying on spell check. Then people would have less trouble with their own writing. The satire came from the words being misspelled and dirty words in the saying with your hand on your mouth clit clit away. trying to say your hand on the mouse click click away. It brought much humor and understanding from a different person's point of view. The author wants to address that proofreading is better than using spell check because if rewritten doesn't pay attention and proof read he really wont know if your words where switched around. The author wrote the essay then used spell check on purpose. It was funny and brought the truth out suit was satire.

The Onion website. It is a website that is full of satirical articles. I was reading an article about a cat that refused to die. He is nineteen years old. Struggling to live . The owner had the cat since middle school. paying for surgery and medical attention for his cat. At the end he said he doesn't know what he would do with out him except to never get a cat again. I had to laugh. If you are tired of the cat then just put him to rest. All the medical attention and him screaming at the middle of the night is showing he is suffering. Then the owners pockets is suffering. it was a really hilarious article.

Satire is a funny way to get your point crossed. Its' been in human literature for years. in 1882 Mark twain talked to youth. saying how is good to listen to your parents because they will make sure you become disciplined anyway. Then saying playing with rusty old guns that are not loaded is not good because it killed people. Saying jokes to the young people that makes them notice how childish it is but very hilarious.

In NewsHoggers an article about a man that read a article about satire. It was a satirized article about making a nuclear bomb. After he admit that he read this article the C.I.A took him in for questioning and put him under arrest. They started wondering if he was a terrorist. Then imprisoned him for about eight years just for suspicion and reading a satirized article. Sometimes Satire can get a person in trouble. It also shows that the government monitors everything somebody does because of the terror threat even if it means innocent people get in the way.

This cartoon is based on the democratic election with Hilary Clinton and Barrack Obama. Obama winning the race while Hilary Clinton thought it was a no brainier for her to win. It says in the cartoon that Obama is making Obama robots to vote for him. It is satirizing the fact the Hilary is surprise that she is losing the race. Saying that the only way Obama can win is having evil robots. which ofcourse is a joke.

Satire is a funny way to show the parts of certain character and decisions that make sense but also others that don't no sense. It has been used for years. Even in books like Gulliver's travels by Jonathan Swift. Which satirized almost everything going on in the world in Jonathan Swift era. Since then Satire has grown and been hosted in comedy and plays. As long as people use Satire to show everyone's opinion overall the world will have space for change always.
©Raphael Esteves 2009