The video is about the change from where we used to write with pencils and pens and it was harder to find information. Now we have the internet and more ways to get our point across. With hyperlinks we can not just talk about a topic. We can have links to the definitions of foods, words, tools and certain peoples lives and careers.

The content in the video are websites and the web showing the large amount of communication on the web . Showing how the world wide web has grown. For example It shows how the machine is us and we are using it to build the Internet. It showed websites like and and how we can customize our websites and take our information and use it to a higher power and let our personal opinions to be seen by people. This brings a unlinear form a hyper text because there are endless possibilities to the content that can be given.

Form is the way my content is delivered for example nice colors and the font of my work should complement my text. Form can make people get attracted to my work like a magazine just by seeing the artwork. Content is the information and written work that is read . The difference is that form is mostly artwork and text. Content is straight information. Now form and content work together.

We are in control not the machine. People think one day machines will rule our lives but we are the ones that operate the machine. We choose what the web does. We are the ones that are programming it and running it. The video said to rethink so we can recreate in the future. The more enhanced the web is the more enhance we are. As it says writing is evolving and growing as we went from a pen and paper to a computer and different kind of text with the computer.

In an article "Panel: Rethink Schools" by eschool teachers, they explain why 21 century teaching is very successful and works better for teachers and students. The new technology makes it easier for students to interact and be creative. The main point is that by using computers more, we have to rethink school. By using computers and using their to our advantage. Teaching in computer rooms have been more helpful and also seems like a more calm environment. Even the way we receive information has change. The world has gone digital in almost every area. Music has become more digital,the medical field , sports and everyday life. The think is schools need more digital change.If everything is changing why can't students and teachers change the way of learning to. We can say that students will now have more digital sources which can make the future more advance when the students become the teachers.

We must rethink the way we learn. We are all learning in different ways. The internet brings different cultures together so people can learn and pick up each others cultural roots too.

In another video it shows that we use different things all the time. it shows we will read eight books and read thousands of emails a year. It says we multitask almost everyday as saying we average about 26 hours of doing things a day. Filled with being on the phone,mostly on the internet,reading emails,watching videos,studying,texting and seven hours of sleep. The thing is there is only 24 hours a day so I don't know how we accomplish these tasks.

The new text and content in the digital world has excelled. Everything has grown in a good direction. The new form of education should open the door to more opertunnities of learning. Which should make the world grow it's self.

The cartoon is showing that people need to be more up to date. Showing that even in cartoons things are transforming. instead of showing how writing has changed they did it threw a cartoon.
© Raphael Esteves 2009