Irony is a way of saying something and it means the opposite. Imagine someone act like everything is fine in there life but there a underground killer. That's the meaning of irony. Something like a double life. You act like your happy but you know deep down that nothing is going right for you.

In a poem "Richard Cory" by Edwin Arlington he describes a young man of the name Richard Cory. Everybody looks at him and noticed how rich and gentlemen like he is. It would seem like some of the workers that watch him must have a little bit of envy towards him. He was a quiet person so I guess everybody thought he was living a perfect life. The thing is that's just an image. you cant know someone just by looking at them. He seemed happy and rich in the inside but the truth is he did not feel so great. Then he decided to shoot himself.

Irony brings a lot of support to the author if he or she is writing something that he wants to make surprising.

In the story "Lamb to the Slaughter" by Roald Dahl. It's about a women who likes to keep her husband happy and give him anything he wants. Her husband is a officer for the police. One day Mary Maloney is home waiting for her husband to come home from work. He came home tired and not in the mood. After a while she starts saying things to see how she could please him. Mary is pregnant with his child at this time. She keeps on trying to find ways to please him but he rejects every offer. He did not want her to fill up his glass or fetch his slippers or anything.She had a feeling something was going wrong. He told her that "it seems like a bad time to tell you". Then for a while she gazed. He really broke up with her.

Then he started telling her how everything whould be fine and how she shouldn't worry. She started acting like she didn't hear a word. All she started to say was" i'll prepare supper". After that the irony and the pain she felt made her not know what to think. She kept saying she will make supper. Then a sudden feeling of nausa came to her. She went to the basement a pulled out anything she can make for dinner. Then she pulled out a big huge leg of lamb.This time he screamed saying dont make me supper. So much irony and agony in her mind. She swung the Leg of lamb in a quick swing that she didn't believe what she had done. When she noticed that her husband our was soon to be ex husband was laying down dead on the floor. Mary started acting like she didn't know what happened. She went to the store to play it off.

She came back acting like she didn't know what was going on. She called the police acting like she did not murder him. Then told the police officers that came to the home to eat the lamb. The officers wanted to be nice so of course they ate it up. Now that they lost the evedence they started looking for a club our a sledge hammer. His wife was in the other room. She laughed a little with her split personality and that was the end. The irony came them eating the evidence and turns it into isanity.

Then in a article called "The House That Slaves Built" by Gardiner Harris. It talks about how black slaves were brought into the White House to work. Also how it was concidered taboo if that was to happen.It explained how it was hard for civil rights activist and even singers could barely go to the white house because of the color of there skin. The irony is that now we have a African American President that lives in the white house brings pleasure to people's faces. Now that times have change we have a President of color in the white house. which is a big improvement then slaves in the White House.

This cartoon is an example of irony. The man in the tie is buying a farm from a farmer. The thing is something is floating over his head. The man doesn't know that a safe is about to land on his head and I guess end his life. Isn't that ironic?

Irony to me is better known as grief and overwelming feelings. Some of those feelings can go to a bitter end. Then sometimes people hide it so it becomes irony and pain. Imagine someone told you oh I am fine with a broken neck. Its like lieing to yourself and to people around you.
©Raphael Esteves 2009