My Genius

Genius is such a word with many meanings. Now genius is used as a word to say how smart someone is. Genius came from the Greek and Latin words meaning "to be born." Ancient Romans thought a genius is a guardian spirit who helps people through problems and celebrated birthdays for the person and the genius spirit. The word's definition is to be as personality? which means everyone is a genius in a unique way.

imagination is a way of thinking about actions ahead of time. Everytime we do something we have to think about it. Even nightmares are a different type of imagination. Fear is a bad part of imagination. That's why when I hear for me to use my imagination it means not to be afraid to explore. Exploring my imagination can do a lot for myself. If I was scared of using your imagination than what is there to live for. If I don't have a imagination I would have a narrow minded point of view.

When I was younger I wanted to make a shot from half court. A lot of people doubted me. I guess my imagination was keeping me optomistic. Me proving them wrong had me thinking. If I make this shot nobody can say nothing. With much hope insight I shot the ball and missed. I kept shooting and I still missed. The main wonder was why am I missing this shot. The thing was I was not putting the effort and my mind into the shot. I started imagining about how I can make the shot. Then I threw the ball in all types of ways trying to make it. My imagination still pushed me to new limits. After practicing from shooting at half court for atleast one week I've finally made the shot. The mentality I took was imagination creates goals which also creates practice.

Another time when I used my imagination was in the class room. My class was working on a new type of math. We were solving negative and positive numbers. I really didn't get the hang of it. I felt lost. One day my teacher asked me to answer a question and I told her that i didn't feel like it. She could tell that I couldn't understand the work. Then she told me to use my imagination and think about someone that you lend three dollars to. I thought about it. At first I was like what does money have to do with the negative signs.I played it out in my imagination a couple of times. I noticed it right then and there. The negative numbers are like debt. I was right so I started answering questions like crazy.

Everybody is a genius in their own way. To explore and find which characteristic is your way to show that your a genius. Imagination can be a strong characteristic but some people can obtain more than one way of thinking. Imagination is not the only one but it is a good characteristic of genius.
© Raphael Esteves 2009