Everyone has a favorite anything.favorite movie or show. Favorite food or anything you like. Favorite things could be anything that please you the most. People can have variety of favorite things from activity's to personal items. It makes us feel like it brings out the best of us.

My favorite sport is basketball,baseball,football and boxing. basketball is the most energetic sport.There is a lot of speeding and jumping and scoring. Thats why i love basketball overall. Then its boxing as my second favorite sport because of all the crushing blows and hard hits that make a paper view fight worth paying for. I like baseball because when i was younger that was all i watched then when i used to play baseball i used to always try to do the big league plays. Then football is just football who doesn't love football?

The best movie in my point of view is don't be a menace in south central while drinking your juice in the hood. to me is the most funny movie ever made overall over anything. In the movie the grandmother was acting like a tough guy . I found it hilarious. It was funny becuase it made fun of a lot of points that are talked about in everday life. Then they put iit in a funny sarcastic way.

My favorite basketball player is Gilbert arenas. They said he was not going to score his twenty points and above but he is back and doing his thing. My favorite baseball player pitcher is pedro Martinez . He is an automatic hall of famer.

For me music is the best form of art there is. I like to write rhymes and poems sometimes i can not lie. I'm a fan of all type of music. My favorite rock band is nirvana.Then Linkin park second. My favorite techno beat maker is Benny Benassi. Nirvana as a rock band had poems in there songs that had to be revealed threw thinking. Linkin park just bring out the truth in everything almost. Benny Banassi's beats just make anyone want to dance.I also like rap music and bachata. My top five rappers are number one Jadakiss then Cassidy and lil wayne. that's just my favorite rappers alive the best dead to me are. 2pac,Big L, Big Pun,Eazy E and Notorious B.I.G.

2pac and Notorious B.I.G Nirvana Big L jadakiss

© Raphael Esteves 2009