Civil Rights

Civil Rights

Civil Rights gives Americans strength in their rights of justice. It brings equality that makes everybody get treated the same. No matter how rich or poor tall or short. Civil Rights is the most important to all people in this country but mostly African Americans and other ethnic groups. The Declaration of Independence was made for equal rights of man but at the time it was for white people only. We can tell because of how much new African American, Hispanic , Asian and other ethnic people that have someone representing them with sucess storys. The color barrier that is broken in sports. Also in political positions noticing the new president is African American. Times have changed and the Jim Crow laws where outlawed by the civil rights movement.

It is said in the article have we overcome?by Rachel L. Swarns. She speaks about if there has been change after affirmative action. There is a black president in office and more blacks that are living a middle class life. The rate for a bachelors degree for African Americans rose to 17%. In 1970 there where only 5% of African Americans with degrees. Some people also know there is much more work to be done. Grades need to rise also graduation rates to make us succeed as a nation. The president can show that racism has calmed down. As Barrack Obama is President of a nation of many expectations. It can also aggravate racism with people not wanting Barrack Obama as president cause of his color or if he puts on a great job he could make racism diminish even more.

In a speech that Bill Cosby gave at NCAA conference celebrating 50 years of Brown v.s Board of education. He speaks about how African Americans and people of color should not be celebrating because the battle is not won. He speaks about the 50 percent drop out rate in schools and how the vocabulary of people has drastically fell off. This speech makes us notice one fight was won but we have not taken care of obtaining the right of education that are given and we act like sad degenerates. The thing that really surprise me was when Mr.Cosby addressed how females are having children so young that they could be Grandmothers by the age of 23 or 26. that is a very sad unfortunate thing. He lets you know we have obtain or rights but its or fault that we have not capitalized on it. Like obtaining a high school degree. I think my civil Right's should be the same as any other American. Everybody has a right to an education.

In a Article called Harrison Bergeron by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. It talks about a world where everybody is treat equal. If your ugly you get a beautiful mask and if you where beautiful you get a ugly mask. Radio active equipment on your ear. A future where everything was controlled. Then a man that would seem successful in our age was persecuted for being blessed. He escapes jail then goes on t.v and shows being free taking of his clown mask and heavy equipment showing how better life would be. Dancing having fun until he was shot by a officer. It relates to civil rights because it is putting people down then Harrison revolted against them for his human rights. Harrisons world was a very relistic world that these people would of been free in.

In poems by the forerunners Langston Hughes was a very respected poet. In his poem I Too. He said that when he eats and company would come he shall eat in the kitchen with everyone else. It him showing that he is equal to anybody else. Then in the poem We Were The Mask by Paul Lawrence Dumbar he feels like he has to make fake smiles and gestures. It showed how In the Civil rights how everybody wanted equality even in denial people would still put on a smile. James weldon Johnson poem Lift Every Voice And Sing is a poem that even before the civil rights movement was a song to represent America as a free land of liberty. When people weren't treated fare.

John Hope Franklin a Scholar of African American history died at age 95. He has been in a lot of situations in life that where special as in walking with Dr. Martin Luther King in protest for freedom. Also he worked with W. E. B. Du Bois and Thurgood Marshall in the civil rights movement. In 1995 he was given the medal of freedom by President Bill Clinton. A life of a true hero that helped civil rights movement helping everyone to get to the point of getting such high honors. Dr.Franklin life is a perfect show of how civil rights has blossomed. Him gaining rewards and pathing the road for the future also shows how our rights will be maintained.

In a speech President Barrack Obama gave he talks about civil rights. How he is a son of a white woman and a black man from Kenya. Then married to a African American women that has blood of a slaves. Even when people would say he was too black or not black enough it didn't stop him from his dream. Then in another speech by President Obama addresses how important it is to obtain an education and succeed in this nation. He talks about the spirit about the people of America that brought him there.

On a talk show Leonardo Lopate interviews William Julius Wilson about the African American communtity. Talking about how the middle class has gotten better but the poor have struggled. The factor Wilson stated was that fathers could not get jobs. He also stated that racial issues of segregated neighborhoods need to change. If we shale see more improvement. William Julius Wilson was making a book called More Than Just Race. Also informing the cultural distrust in intercity living.

then the incident at the beer summit. when a mass. officer arrested a Harvard professor. then the officer ,professor and the president had a beer together.

In another issue black farmers where not given a lot of trouble intil Barrack Obama helped them. The agreement was settled and now more help will be provided. It is just another issue that goes into civil rights. Is everyone treated equal? there is still a battle in civil rights going on.

i concluded that civil rights is not as much as a major issue as before. There is still room for improvement. We can't say the past years have not been successful. things are getting better. One day everything and everyone will be equal. For certain Dr.Martin Luther King and Tupac Shakur dream of a Black president was awaken.

President Barrack Obama Dr.Martin Luther King Tupac Shakur Dr. John Hope Franklin Langston Hughes Harlem Poet.
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