A choice is something we choose in everyday life. If it isin't about which cloths your going to wear our what i'm going to do on the weekend. Choices are how we live. We can choose to be sucessful or not to be.

In the poem "The Road Not Taken" by Robert Frost he describes his choice and the road he thinks about taking. The thing is he describes it like a road to take. He makes a scenery. He describes the paths like it was a yellow wood that was grassy. He knows that he can only walk threw one path. In his mind He wonders about about the road he didn't take and what whould have happen if he would of took that road. It's like you have a chioce. Most of the time you have atleast two chioces.

Wordle: Another Road Not Taken

Robert Frost made his choice but in the poem he wondered if it was the good choice. At the end he noticed he made the right chioce. It makes you wonder if you took another choice what would be the difference. The poem is a product of symbolism. which the author talks about everyday life in one way. You will have two roads in life. It's either be sucessful or not to be. To land a great paying job or work in Mcdonalds for the rest of my life. The road to achieve your goals can be a tough one but if you work hard enough you can make it threw.

I think if everybody had patients then the right road would come out for everyone. If we are not patient then gifts won't come. You will lose rewards in your life. If I can surpass boring and unworthy obstacles then I think I would have a chance to make it. With hope you can make it anywhere. The thing is you have to think with no limits and choose the right choices. Like doing Homework and class work to get a degree and achieve to aquire a sucessful job.

In "Dead End" by Rudolfo Anaya he speaks about a choice a young girl name Maria choose. She is a in high school attending her senior year. She is smart and has a chance to make it to college. A young man of the name of Frankie starts showing interest in her. He hangs around her locker one day and she noticed that he likes her. Then the smut girls came around in jelously and started teasing her . Saying that Frankie likes her. One day Frankie and his crew stops by her house. All of his friends had a girl and he didn't. She made the choice not to go. The main reason was because she made a promise to her mother that she would graduate high school and make it to college at her mothers death bed. Then Maria broke down crying because she wanted to go have fun because after her mothers death her father started to disappear and her brothers and sisters where sad and still struck of there mothers death.

The next day the smut girls started teasing her again. She started laughed but after school this time Frankie went around her house. He went to see if she could come out. This time she came out. The first time she made a bad choice. She told Frankie to make sure she was back in an hour. They went under the bridge in the car. He started kissing her and touching her body. She then made a good descion not going all the way. Something in her mind told her it wasn't the time. The choice at that time in her mind was the promise she made to her mother. As the determination to keep that promise made her choice the right road and a good choice.

In a essay "The Tyranny of Choice" by Barry Schwartz. It's a long cartoon that talks about how many choices people have now then ever. The choices of socks and cerals and all this other junk. As also brings down the prices and more supply. But brings more choices for jobs.It says that a people will never settle for second best descisons. When i thought about it though i notice that a lot of people take a lazy route by choosing the third or forth best job opportunities. I agree that most smart people will go for the best choice for them but sometimes poeple are lazy and just do not want to take advantage of the oppertunnity. Sometimes people end up not happy with there choices because they think about the opportunnitys they had. Sometimes too many choices can bother people. Every chance a person gets to get over they mostly go for it. In this cartoon it also informs that choices can effect the economy. In economics scarcity and demand depend on how someone feels. If I feel like I'm getting a good deal I'm going to go for it. If nikes cost one hundred and twenty dollars I may buy probally two or three pairs. Then one day Nike wants to get rid of more sneakers. The price of demand goes down and that means supply goes up because now a pair of nikes cost sixty dollars and I would probally buy ten pairs instead of three. I would feel good because I know I gained a good deal but when I do the math I notice that I spent a little more money but I would feel like it's worth it because I just gained almost more than half the regular amount of nikes I would buy. I'm satisfied with my choice and don't regret it intil later I think about how much money you spent on sneakers anyway and wonder was it nessesary. Even if you get a good deal and you know you took the best choice you still wonder what else you could of did with that money.

Choices are things we choose. I'm hoping i make the right choice. I will make sure i will graduate high school and acomplish to obtain a college degree even if it breaks me. I just want to be sucessful and suceed that's all.

this picture is showing to wise men on the top of the mountain talking about choices. One of them says they don't know which should be there ringtone a tree falling or hand claps.
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